Source: Complete International Mathematics For Cambridge IGCSE - David Rayner, Jim Fenson

 1.Find V
 2.Find V
 3.Find V
 4.Find V
 5.Find d
 6.Two solid metal spheres have masses 
of 5 kg and 135 kg respectively. If the
radius of the smaller sphere is 4 cm, find
the radius of the larger one.
 7.Two similar cones have surface areas
in the ratio 4:9. Find the ratio of:
a) their lengths
b) their volumes.


 8.The masses of two similar icebergs are
24 tonnes and 81 tonnes respectively.
If the surface area of the larger iceberg
is 540 ㎡, find the surface area of the
smaller iceberg.
 9.A container has a surface area of 5000 ㎠
and a capacity of 12.8 liters.
Find the surface area of a similar container
which has a capacity of 5.4 liters.