Source: Complete International Mathematics For Cambridge IGCSE - David Rayner, Jim Fenson

 1.A 4 m ladder rests against a vertical wall 
with its foot 2m from the wall. How far up 
the wall does the ladder reach?  

 2.A chord of length 9 cm is 4.2 cm from 
the center of the circle. What is the 
radius of the circle?

The diagram contains two semicircles.
Calculate the shaded area, given that
the diameter of the larger semicircle
is 12 cm.

Find the length of a diagonal of a
rectangular box of length 12 cm,
width 5 cm and height 4 cm. 
 5.A cone has base radius 5 cm and slant height 
11 cm. Find its vertical height.
6. A  thin wire of length 18 cm is bent into the shape
shown. Calculate the length from A to B.

7.  An aircraft is vertically above a point which is
10 km West and 15 km North of a control tower.
If the aircraft is 4000 m above the ground, how
far is it from the control tower.
 8.A ladder reaches H when held vertically against
a wall. When the base is 6 feet from the wall,
the top of the ladder is 2 feet lower than H.
How long is the ladder?