Hi everyone. My name is Siddarth Anand Nayar and I am in Year 12 at Cambridge International School, Dubai. I completed my Extended Mathematics (0580) IGCSE exam in Year 10 and while I was preparing, I noticed that the exercises had problems with various levels of difficulty. In the textbook, some examples are given at the start of each exercise to assist the student with the questions that followed in the exercise. However, I found that the last few questions were quite different in complexity compared to the solved examples. This is where it gets frustrating when we are unable to solve the problems. Hence, I decided to utilize my free time during the Covid-19 quarantine to make this website, wherein questions from some of the most difficult chapters- picked by the students themselves- have been tackled step by step. I have included questions of every difficulty level and solved them to make them easy to comprehend. I hope this will help. If you have any doubts or any comments about the working, please let me know by emailing me using the contact section. For now I have uploaded a few topics, I will adding more  in due time. Also, please leave a comment below and let me know if the website helped you. Thank you!!!

(The questions are from Complete International Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE, Extended - David Rayner, Jim Fenson)

The topic buttons are given below. Each topic has a number of sub-sections like 'Basic Concept', 'Simple Problems' etc. The 'Basic Concept' sub-heading lists out the concepts used to solve the problems. The next section - 'Simple Problems' are basic problems, just to get a good understanding of the concept. Then each section has problems with varying degrees of complexity. In the last section of each topic, I've added past paper questions (years 2019, 2018 & 2107). I will be adding more paper questions as they become available.


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